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Vallgrassa, Centre Experimental de les Arts is offered as a meeting point for artists and visitors, as a meeting point between creation and observation. As part and all at once, where the universal and open language of current art allows us to discover and integrate, from the emotional experience, the soul of Parc del Garraf; that is, people, light, wind, earth, sea ... A meeting point and starting point, then, where to create bridges between the Parc and other surrounding areas, through workshops, seminars, exhibitions, poetry recitals, theater, music ...

Creating bridges that connect the Park with other protected natural areas, from the Mediterranean cultural identity. Creating bridges that connect the Park with people, from culture to nature, or from nature to culture. Vallgrassa, the Experimental Arts Center aims to be an open, multifunctional open project, an arts laboratory, a space for dialogue and discovery to deepen the knowledge of different artistic languages, a space for permanent debate addressed to all.

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